House of Cards: Is it television?

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In the latest bold step in television, Netflix is getting in on the original-content game with the debut of its series House of Cards — and the press has made much ballyhoo over the development. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word ballyhoo.) Even more interestingly, Netflix released all 13 episodes at once, to the delight of fans and to the dismay of those fans’ social lives and sleep schedules. Chiming in to the ballyhoo myself, I wonder: does the show fit into the definition of television? Isn’t series television, by its very nature, supposed to come out piecemeal? Furthermore, if Netflix uploads and makes readily available an entire television season in bulk, what’s the qualitative difference between that and a movie? Okay, sure, the saga is split into episodes. And yes, each episodes might have a narrative structure unto itself. (I haven’t seen the show yet, so I have no idea how...

2012 Primies: Best shows

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As always, there’s too much good TV to watch, let alone wedge into a top-ten list. So for this, the revered yearly pantheon of television shows selected by America’s most cherished TV critic — ha! — I’m also noting a few honorable mentions, as well as recognizing the shows that might have elbowed their way onto this ranking had I actually had time to watch them in 2012. I can only imagine the heart-wrenching cuts I’ll have to make for the 2013 Primies if I manage to watch them all this year — and who knows what awesome series are just around the corner. Good luck, future Dan! American Horror Story (2011: #1) Breaking Bad Damages Homeland Dexter (2011: #1) Community (2011: #7) The Good Wife (2011: #2) Parks and Recreation (2011: #8) Mad Men Modern Family (2011: #3) Honorable mentions: The New Normal, Girls, Nashville Possible contenders (had I seen...

2012 Primies: Best moments

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Continuing in on honoring the Year That Was on the small screen, here are the moments that only furthered my television-above-all prejudice. And yes, there are eleven, not ten. I make no apologies! WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD! You may just want to look at the show names in the parentheses for each listing before anything else, just in case you were wanting to keep yourself pure. You’ve been warned! Breaking Bad’s entire fifth season so far. I realized I just couldn’t narrow it down: neophyte Todd shooting the kid who witnesses the gang’s heist, Skylar telling Walt that she’s waiting and hoping for his cancer to come back, Walt fatally shooting Mike and then staying with him as he dies, Hank finding Gale’s book and realizing that Walt and Heisenberg are one and the same. And that was the first half of the season. See you at the 2013 Primies, Breaking Bad. Deb...

2012 Primies: Best characters

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Now that the Golden Globes have been doled out, I think it’s finally time to get to the legitimate awards: Primetimely’s third annual Primies! And, as is tradition, I’m starting out with the standout characters of 2012 — the fictional human beings that have delighted us, moved us, enthralled us, amused us, and scared the you-know-what out of us. And few were more terrifying than… Sister Mary Eunice (American Horror Story) While Sister Jude seemed like the big bad at the start of American Horror Story‘s second season, her sycophantic right-hand woman went from docile to demonic once possessed by the Devil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, the juxtaposition between her position and her possession is mirrored in her persona: She’s by turns saccharinely-sweet and insidiously evil. Played by Lily Rabe. Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad) The first half...

Breaking Bad fan art as addictive as meth

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Wrecked and the freedom of independent TV

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When my friend Liz Ellis asked me to spread the word about her new web series, Wrecked, I said I would be happy to. Not only because Liz is a fellow Hampshire College alum, and not just because she so-kindly donated her time as a college student to participate in a reading of my script, and not just because she’s a frequent reader and commenter of this here blog, but because she’s a writerly friend… and I will always support friends of mine, especially when they are fellow writers. I thought I would watch the episodes, find nice things to say, and write a few words on the subject. But I was unprepared for the awesomeness that is Wrecked. And now I feel I must kill Liz Ellis because she’s dangerously talented as a writer, a director, and — along with co-exec Charley Pope — a producer. Her actors are talented. Her editor, Nathianiel Buechler, is talented. Her...