Wrecked and the freedom of independent TV

By on Nov 3, 2012 in In Production | 2 comments

When my friend Liz Ellis asked me to spread the word about her new web series, Wrecked, I said I would be happy to. Not only because Liz is a fellow Hampshire College alum, and not just because she so-kindly donated her time as a college student to participate in a reading of my script, and not just because she’s a frequent reader and commenter of this here blog, but because she’s a writerly friend… and I will always support friends of mine, especially when they are fellow writers. I thought I would watch the episodes, find nice things to say, and write a few words on the subject. But I was unprepared for the awesomeness that is Wrecked. And now I feel I must kill Liz Ellis because she’s dangerously talented as a writer, a director, and — along with co-exec Charley Pope — a producer. Her actors are talented. Her editor, Nathianiel Buechler, is talented. Her...