A housekeeping note

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I am now (happily) employed full-time by Wetpaint, a company whose media property, Wetpaint Entertainment (www.wetpaint.com), is “your go-to source for the hottest shows on television — the latest photos, videos, spoilers, gossip, fashion, and recaps.” As you more regular readers may remember, I used to work for the company on a freelance basis, recapping Grey’s Anatomy. But now I’m an assistant editor covering entertainment news, so there’s obvious overlap between this site and Wetpaint. Therefore, I’ll do a lot of my day-to-day blogging there, but I’m still committed to posting more Primetimely-specific posts right here. (And as a disclaimer: This entire blog reflects my thoughts and opinions and not those of Weptaint.) Despite this six-week interlude of late, you hopefully you won’t even notice of change of pace. In fact, you can expect the next post in the next few days! (Hint:...

100 Posts Later

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Often, a TV show’s 100th episode is viewed as a milestone. Not only because it’s such a rare occurrence among shows in today’s cutthroat market, but because it also makes the show eligible for syndication. (Ka-ching!) We bloggers are less lucky. No one is baking me a cake or popping a bottle of bubbly, and TNT certainly isn’t offering me wads of cash for rerun rights. But hey, this is still my hundredth post, and I’m damn proud of that fact! And in celebration of that fact, here are my ten favorite posts so far. (Not that every post isn’t pure gold…) The Blog Post Where Plot Twists Go to Die for not only its content but also its awesome Dawson pic. “Mad Men” Poster Madly Dissected because somewhere out there, someone is analyzing the poster to the exact same degree, only earnestly. Shit My Boyfriend Says because we all have shit to say about...

The Blogging Dead

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Due to a fair amount of personal upheaval and a great amount of procrastination, this blog has been broadcasting dead air for the past three months. My bad. But I’m back now and ready to continue commenting upon my own (and enabling your) television addiction. Much as I would have loved to keep the Lost rewatch going, a change of residences took priority. But I’ll get back to the Island soon. In the meantime, please look forward to the Second Annual Primie Awards, celebrating the best in television over the past year… or, at least, television that I’ve seen so far. (I’m woefully behind on The Walking Dead.) We will now return to your scheduled programming. I promise.