Hi, I’m Dan Clarendon. Welcome to Primetimely.

As a television writer/producer wannabe, I absorb television. I am an addict. As of last count, I follow 44 shows. Not surprisingly, I always have a backlog. (Of course, to have a backlog of quality television is a beautiful problem to have). I’d call myself a couch potato, but I don’t tune in and zone out. I watch intently—not only because the stories and characters enrapture me but because I want to learn the craft, the methods, the language.

Though I can hardly believe it myself, I wasn’t always an addict. There was a time when I’d watch this and that—a little Discovery Channel, a little ER, a little Who’s Line Is It Anyway?—but nothing religiously. But then in high school, at the behest of a few friends of mine, I watched the third-season premiere of Alias. Serialized drama: I had never experienced such a thing. Stories that challenge the viewer, that demand the viewing of next installment, that play out over whole seasons if not series, that are intellectually and emotionally rewarding for those who watch every week. And not only that, I had a group of fellow fans to rush to on Monday mornings to discuss the last night’s episode. I was hooked.

Before long, my dream to direct movies had given way to the small screen. I’m still interested in directing, but I’m even more interested in writing and producing—to, with 42 pages of Courier New text, captivate the imaginations and emotions of millions of viewers nationwide.

I started this blog in the summer of 2007 as a place to write reviews of the shows I watch and commentary on the television business as a whole, but I did so only half-heartedly. Then, two years later, a friend suggested that I give WordPress a try, and so I bought my own domain, gave the blog a shiny new look, and renewed my vow to post regularly. This will be, if nothing else, an outlet for me to collect my rambling thoughts and opinions. If it entertains or enlightens anyone, so much the better. And as I segue out of college and into finding a career, this will be where I chronicle that saga. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

And in the mean time, thanks for visiting.

Dan Clarendon
August 2009

Update (August 2012): I now work full-time for Wetpaint, but the thoughts and opinions I express on this blog do not reflect those of that site.